And we couldn’t be more excited to share our vision with you. This re-branding was born out of a creative thrust to enhance and modernize the outdoor shower in ways that reflect a new idea of luxury, sustainability, and functionality.

Throughout 2020, our relationship with space, both public and private has irrevocably shifted. We aim to utilize all that we have learned during this time and implement it into helping you cultivate a stronger connection with your outdoor spaces.

When it comes to service, there is no hands-off approach. We guide you through every step of the way, knowing confidently we have maintained close relationships with our trade partners and direct-line access to top brands.

Photo credit @ Ritzcarlton

Putting on the Ritz’s Luxury Outdoor Showers

WATRLINE recently collaborated with The Ritz-Carlton Residences, Miami Beach. The 15 standalone villas were designed by renowned Italian master architect Piero Lissoni. …

As far as modernist masterpieces go, the Bridge House in Los Angeles, developed by the Dan Brunn Architecture firm, is a prime example of forward-thinking design.

Image: Instagram @bridgehousela

With its “film strip” configuration and indoor/outdoor fluidity, it’s precisely the kind of home you’d want to imagine yourself living in to create a…

You may have heard the term “living” or “organic” finishes in recent years being tossed around in the home-improvement and design realms and for good reason!

These finishes have been making waves for their versatile aesthetic value, as well as their uniqueness in the marketplace.

That being said, what exactly…

This week we’re highlighting one of our products WATRLINE has utilized for a multitude of projects in a variety of settings.

AMA Titano outdoor shower in Marine Grade stainless steel

The AMA Titano is a gorgeous 316 Marine grade stainless steel outdoor shower cast from an individual solid body with an integrated shower head and trademark fire-engine red single…


Watrline’s identity is about a broader vision towards opulent, design-forward, outdoor bathing spaces in their infinite iterations.

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